Dropping a clip to a new track


How to drop a clip onto a new track keeping its original position? I don’t want to render just move the part onto a new track. It is not possible to get this right with a mouse is there a shortcut?

What is its original position? Where does the audio clip come from?

The clip comes form audio track and it is cut somewhere in the middle just want to quickly drop the clip onto another track.

I am not at my system right now and tend to forget the exact keys, but that is possible pressing simultaneously control key (or maybe alt, but I think control is right).

I would set the Snap Type to Events.

I tried, it did not work. I thought there would be an option on the menu to move onto a new track or track below, but there isn’t.

This works, Thanks!

I do it all the time. Try pressing control before clicking the mouse. Or next time I am at my sistema will check it. I always forget the keys and just remember when I am in the studio.

You are right pressing ctrl before moving the mouse works, Thanks!