Dropping events in and out in arranger mode

Is there a way to do this? Let’s say I’ve got drums, bass and sax on a loop and I want to bring the sax part in and out. I thought I could do it with write automation and hit mute for the drop-outs but that doesn’t work. I know I can do it in linear mode but for reasons too complicated to go into now I need to use arranger mode. Just wondered if this is possible?


Why you cannot use a Mute automation, when you are in the Arranger editor? It works to me, here. The automation is read.

thanks for the reply. I know you can do it within an arranger part so for example one instrument drops out midway through the part. but lets say you have a loop which is your arranger part. I want that part to repeat 4 times, 2 times with the sax and two times without. That’s when the mute read automation doesn’t work. I know I can just extend the part but I’m remixing a live recording and don’t really wanna start chopping it up too much, would rather work with loops.


In this case, prepare one arranger part, where the sax is audible, and another part, where the sax is not present.