Dropping guitar tunning a half step ...funny thing

Both Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan used to tune down to Eflat a lot .

Personally , I find tuning to A = 432 Hz more colourful , but we are all different . :slight_smile:

The a=440 standard has not been universally constant. I think it started at around the mid 430s and as I read it the tone was raised as brass instruments improved in quality over probably a century.
As vocal chords remained the same then that’s totally understandable. You could google / wiki it if you are curious.
It’s an orchestral standard and not a human one.

Did you know scientists have detected a wave that has a frequency of ten million years? They think it emanated from a black hole. It is a B-flat 57 octaves below middle C.

I think you should tune to that… that way the human ear won’t be able to hear it. :laughing:

:yfc: :laughing:

You mean they have detected at least two!? :mrgreen: So that’s what Stonehenge was all about huh? :mrgreen:

Things tuning wise are getting even hairier. Look up Tune-Bot. Now you can get your drumkit to be out of tune too.

Bees in Blue Flat.

I ended up going the other way, and pretty much everything I play and sing relies on using a capo :confused:
Standard tuning is not suited to my vocal range nor is dropping it a semitone… unless I play mostly barre chords or other chords that I find tiresome or more difficult to play - most of my songs are in keys like B, Gb, Abm etc.

And of course the sound of say a conventional open chord is quite different to their barre equivalents. So, the only way I can play these open chords shapes in a suitable key is to use a capo. :confused: The sacrifice is that I then don’t get those nice deeper tones out of my guitar. :neutral_face:

Aloha guys

Keep in mind that the truss rod in the guitar neck can
be sensitive to long term tuning probs if the ax is
designed to be played in the ‘standard tuning’ mode.

Ironically cheaper guits don’t suffer as much because
they rarely play in tune (in all four positions) anyway.

I suspect my voice is lower generally. I’m capo’d anywhere from 1st to 6th fret to get me in a suitable key for my vocal with the choice and range of chords I prefer to use. Of 22 songs we have in our collection there’s only one that uses standard open tuning. And with that particular song, the verses feel a little low though the chorus takes me close to my upper limit.

It’s an issue too actually for the songs my mate writes for us, he too drop tunes his guitar and works things out for HIS voice. When it comes my turn to try sing them I’m always reaching for the capo… the original key is usually too high, and if I try for the lower octave I’m singing in my boots! :confused: In the case of one of his most recent offerings it seemed it ruined the feel and vibe of the song capo’d up on the 4th fret so that song was abandoned :confused:

As an example of what I mean, one regular tune we perform is in Gb. I capo on 4th and play the open chords which include D, Fmaj, C, G, Bm etc. I find this suits better rather than than playing Gb, Amaj7, Eb etc without capo - particularly when it comes to some of the arpeggiated/picked parts.

I came across this a couple weeks ago, contains some alternative tunings…


Cool, thanks! :sunglasses: