Dropping markers during record (Mac)

Hi! Dropping markers during recording works great as long as wavelab is the app in focus.

However - when changing focus, for example to a word document that I’m reading from, dropping markers via keyboard shortcuts or midi triggers doesn’t seem to work. Is there a way to keep it working even when switching focus away from wavelab.

I really miss this feature when recording audiobooks. At the moment I’m using a dog clicker to indicate errors but even though the transients are very visible in the waveform I still miss one on occasion. The markers are much more visible.

By design and principle, in Windows and Mac, when the application has not the focus, then the keyboard events are ignored.
However, there is maybe a way: use a MIDI shortcut. Any editable shortcut in WaveLab can be either a keyboard event or a MIDI event.
AFAIR, MIDI shortcuts are not sensitive to WaveLab’s activation status.

Actually, I already tested it with midi. Didn’t work either I’m afraid.

If you have two monitors put the written copy on one and WL on the other. Then shift the focus to WL so you can continue to drop markers. I do this all the time with audio books or commercials that I am recording. You can also put the written material on a tablet if you do not have a second monitor. FWIW

You are right. But the good news is that it will work in the next small WaveLab update (I mean, MIDI shortcuts).

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Just because it’s one of the things that I know you can’t control but is bugging me…

Would that also mean that MIDI will hit WL even when a plugin window that captures keyboard events is in focus? Because that would be really cool.

Not sure what you mean.
I mean this: if a MIDI shortcut is defined in WaveLab (in the dialog below), it will trigger the assigned function even if WaveLab is not focused.

Weird. I thought I remembered trying that and a foreground plugin could stop the MIDI from hitting WL.

Maybe I did it wrong.