Dropping pitch of several tracks

I have a work that I want to insert a pause. I would like the tracks playing to have their pitch dropped as if something was to time itself affecting the tracks to die out. I’ve used the pitchbend on all the active midi tracks (see image), but it’s not dramatic enough.
Greatly appreciate any ideas.
FYI: I’m using Cubase 12 ELEMENTS.


Most of the instruments is using Pitch Band range of ±2 semitones by default. But you can change the range at most of the instruments. So the solution is to increase the Pitch Band range. If you set it to ±4 semitones, the very same Pitch Band curve would decrease it by 4 semitones. You can even change the range in Cubase afterwards to match it to the instrument.

Cassette Transport (free plugin by Wavesfactory) does that perfectly !
Since you want it to effect multiple tracks simultaneously, it’s better to create a Group track and route all you instruments to it, then put the plug-in in the Group inserts, set the stop time, and automate the stop button. :wink:

installed the Wavesfactory app. figuring out the group track thing and how to apply the effect. Thanks!