Dropping selected MIDI velocities down BY x; or TO y units

Hi - at one point I knew how to do this … can someone remind me please? Select a group of MIDI notes velocities values in the automation lane, each with a separate value, and:


  1. Drop/raise them all by 10, for example.


  1. Change them all to value 100, for example. If I select them all and change the value in the info line, only the frist note’s velocity is changed.

I was able to do this without the logical editor somehow, which I’d like to avoid for now please …


PS - How to do this has been addressed previously in a separate thread, or maybe in the sig of one of the moderators, but couldn’t find it …

[EDIT: Mr Trashdinner posted an answer to Question #1, above, but still if anyone knows the answer to question #2, please let me know! Tips Tricks And Workflow Goodness - #111 by steve - Cubase - Steinberg Forums ]

Aloha A,

Don’t know if this is what you mean but I have ‘Key Commands’
set up to change selected MIDI note velocities by increments of:
+/- 2
+/- 4
+/- 8
+/- 16

Also have one KC to change all selected notes to ‘100’.

Perhaps ‘Key Commands’ would also work for you in this situation.

Good Luck!

Hi Alexis

I set up a command for this in the Logical Editor and assigned a KC for it

Best Regards


Thank you, curteye and Dave Abbott! I will look in the KC list, I realize now that should be a routine place to check in situations like this.

Dave, if you had a moment and wanted to type out the LE commands I’d love to see them. Maybe they will be the ones that turn on the light as far as LE’s go!

Thanks again :slight_smile: