Dropuots i cannot solve

My computer is dell studio 1747
cpu: i7 920qm
ram 4.0 GB
graphic: Radeon HD4650
win 7 x64

the build in firewire doesn’t work at all, the soundcard come and goes without doing anything.
I’ve disabled the internal firewire through device manager.
i had a VIA firewire express card, it work worked with the generic win 7 driver.
the dropouts iv’e got with it was about 15% of total playback.
after trying everything i have decided that the problem was my firewire card.
i bought a new TI firewire express card,
When i plugged it in windows automatically installed its TI build in driver.
then the dropouts become 50% of the total playback which was horrible.
I have changed the driver into generic legacy and now it 5% dropouts which is much better but still,
I’m working live and i must got 0% dropouts.

i’ve tried 8 different firewire cables, iv’e tried resetting the MR816, i’ve tried reinstall cubase without any plugins and nothing workes
Where is my problem?

The problem is the MR816 is far too sensitive. Take it back to the shop and exchange it for a device more likely to work.


please update your BIOS Firmware for your Dell- Laptop. If necessary ask the Dell- Support- Team for further information how to update your BIOS.

After updating your BIOS, please deactivate your Wlan/ Wifi/ Blutooth in the Windows device manager or in your BIOS.

Run the DPC- Latency Checker tool.

Now it should run perfect with a short latency.

  1. i updated my bios yesterday, no effect.
  2. wifi, bluetooth and everything i’m not using is disabled.
  3. DPC results are Ok.
  4. i do not have any latency problems, even when i set it to maximum latency i still have dropouts.
  5. i’ve noticed something strange, touching the function keys to change the LCD brightness automatically cause dropouts, very strange.

Please any more ideas?

Hi again,

maybe there is a problem with your laptop. The problem with the lcd- brightness let me suspect something is bad with your laptop.
Please contact in this case the Dell- Support for further information.

Normally after the BIOS- Update there shouldn’t be anymore dropouts, especially if you are using a TI- Firewire Card. :exclamation:

I had endless problems with Dell laptops and firewire interfaces (not just MR series, just about everything I tried), and basically, I came to the conclusion that consumer laptops will not cut it for real-time audio work. I even bought their more professional line (Latitude and Precision), which had better results, but still not quite the latency I had hoped for. I tried everything, different models, then to different brands, etc… in the end I ended up buying a DAW-tuned laptop which had a custom BIOS and OS tweaks tuned for real-time audio. It was worth it… my real-time audio performance is now basically as good as I can hope for on a laptop. It’s still not to the level of my dedicated tower workstation (of course!), but it’s definitely totally usable live at low latencies without a single glitch.

Good luck getting the Dell going – generally, I really like Dell, but not for pro audio. Especially real-time stuff. Your problems are almost certainly related to the BIOS and chipsets chosen for the model of laptop you’ve purchased.