"Drozdoff - Au Tombeau de Rachmaninoff.dorico" file VERY STRANGE PDF printout?


Please can you check this with your Dorico 4?

Open the legacy file “Drozdoff - Au Tombeau de Rachmaninoff.dorico”, do ctlr+P or Cmd+P, on the right side select Graphic/PDF —> Export

Now open the pdf file, you’ll notice that all the pages are not sorted correctly and what? It added a blank page !!!

The paradox is that when you click Print from the left side, and Save as PDF… you get the correct PDF printout.

Yes, first all the even pages are exported, then a blank page, then all the odd pages. The preview windows shows that ordering, too.

This appears to result from a setting that I see in my right-hand side pane (“Doppelseitiger Druck” - double-sided printing), between Page Setup and Annotations, not present in your screenshot.

That option is set to manual/double-sided (useful for printers that can’t print double-sided by themselves, so you need to turn the pages over yourself.

The same thing happens in Dorico 3.5, so it seems that setting is present in the file itself and has nothing to do with Dorico 4.

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Thanks Pietzcker, I also thought that it maybe something saved by default within the project file.