Drum Agent SE 4, getting "CHOKE" like an mpc.

I have been playing around with Cubase 7’s Drum Agent SE 4 and been doing a little sampling. It is a fine sampler indeed, anyway, I was wondering how you would be able to set pads to “CHOKE” like MPC style of play. For an example, I have a sample loaded it up on the pads, I want the pads to cut off as soon as the other one is played. Do you guys follow me. If you know how to do this, please inform me. Greatly appreciated.


Hi There

I guess you are meaning Groove Agent SE4, anyway what you need to do is set the pads you want to cut each other off to an exclusive group. This is set in the “Excl” box which is just above the waveform on the main page next to “Poly” Here you will set the pad to an exclusive group, say “1” then any other pad you set to exclusive “1” ,only 1 of those pads will sound, whichever was the last you pressed. You can have quite a few of these groups too, plus you can set as many as you want to the same group. Hope this makes sense

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