Drum and key midi editors..move to next SAME note?

OK, let’s say I’m in the drum editor and I click on a note (some exotic drum hit) near the beginning of the song, and let’s say it’s on c3 (or whatever). The next instance of this sound/hit appears much later on in the song. Without having to manually scroll to find it, I’d like to immediately navigate to the next instance, perhaps with some variation of “arrow” or “move” right/left. What command will locate this next note ON THE SAME POSITION on the grid? I’m afraid there isn’t an option for this, which is truly unfortunate. Or am I overlooking something? Thanks!

Let me ask again…

Well - if this note is really rare (not often played in the song), why not put a marker at that place? You can easily and fast navigate between markers.

Just an idea…

From page 384 in the Operation Manual, you can use CTRL and click a key in the editor to select all notes of the pitch OR hold SHIFT and double click a note to select all notes in the part of that value.
Once you have them all selected, using the arrow show step you to the next one. So… try this… edit your note then SHIFT double click it then hit the right arrow key to step to the next one.

Oh thanks Jaslan, that’s good to know. I’m guessing this also works in the drumeditor? :smiley:

:confused: Are you sure about that?
The right arrow will merely select the next non-selected note.
But I too would certainly like an extra option in the Edit>Select submenu…“Equal Pitch - Next Event” :wink:

Thanks, everyone! I’m running 6.02 and I can’t do what I want in this case. My results are the same as for Vic-France. As far as I can recall, with all previous versions of Cubase I was not able to step forwards (or backwards) on the SAME drum lane or note position in the key editor.

It would be really helpful if we could do this, especially for those that compose a lot with Midi. To me this seems like such a basic, obvious procedure…and yet it doesn’t exist. I either end up at the end of the section, or go for a ride bouncing up and down all the notes on the screen. It’s a real flow killer. Here’s to hoping that this will get integrated in some future updates.

No. I was at work and was taking a guess at the step with the arrow. I use the arrow to step to notes but now that you mention it I guess they are not selected at the time. I was thinking it might work and thought it would be worth a try. :slight_smile:
I guess someone did get something useful from my post though! :smiley:

:blush: :stuck_out_tongue: … so… here comes another of Vic’s dreaded “workarounds”…
N.B.#1: This will not work if the MIDI track is using “shared” copies…
N.B.#2: you need to set up two key commands (I’ve just discovered that it won’t work if you try to use the same commands directly from the menus :confused: )…

  1. Set a key Command for Transport menu>“Locate Selection” (in fact, it is probably already set up as “L” by default)
  2. Set a key command for MIDI menu>“Open Drum Editor” (I can’t remember if it already has a default kc)
    Let’s say that we’re talking about a crash cymbal (MIDI note C#2) that happens maybe three times in the song…
  3. In the Drum Editor, select the first crash cymbal (and, edit it, if you wish).
  4. When you are ready to edit the next instance of that crash cymbal, with the Drum Editor window still open, open the List Editor (making sure that the Filters line is visible, just underneath the extended toolbar)… You should still see that crash cymbal selected.
  5. In the Filters line, set Show (which probably reads “No Focus” at the moment) to “Event Types and Data 1”.
    Now, only crash cymbal events are visible.
  6. Click on the next one in the list.
  7. Use the key command for “Locate Selection”
  8. Use the key command for “Open Drum Editor.” That next crash cymbal should now be in focus, and selected.

(unfortunately, the Focus field doesn’t itself have a key command, otherwise we could have built all that into a macro :wink: )

I think for what the OP wants to do, the Zoom Out and In Key Commands would be the way to go to get to that far away note. :wink:

hmm… yes, I think you are right :wink:. (but as you already know, I never say in one sentence what could be said in a 24-part volume :blush: :stuck_out_tongue: )

That’s ok vic, keep it up. Always interested to read anything you have to say on any given subject. :wink: :sunglasses:

Thanks guys! So, it’s either some complicated screen jumping or having to find the note myself, huh? Well, I’ve been doing the latter for ages so I’ll just resign myself to what’s (currently…hint hint) available. Cheers!