Drum beats - change to half speed

Hi all - I have some drum beats at 174 bpm, and I want to write the first half of my track at 87bpm, then map to 174bpm for the 2nd half - I have musical mode selected, and then use timestretch tool to double the length…and then my drums sound stretched and weird…what options are there to get my beats to move at half speed, whilst maintaining the integrity of the original drums? Is it more that I don’t want 50% the speed, but the drums having a space beteween each hit instead so they aren’t stretched, just each hit moved on the gird? Reason had a tool that you made the loop 50%, and then it would not stretch it, I believe it literally turned the drums to play at half the speed…I hope I am making sense…

Double click your drum loop, then open the Hitpoints section to the left, and create slices from the hitpoints:


This will allow your audio to adapt to the project tempo while retaining the character of each individual drum hit.

Thanks Romantique Tp! Perfect response. Looking forward to playing around with this!