Drum brushes to sticks


So, I’m using Noteperformer with my version of Dorico 5.

I have managed to change the snare drum sound to brushes to give me the “swish” sound, and have managed to change the note head to “Default” and have the “swish” sound playback nicely. Great!

Now, half way through the arrangement, I want the drummer to change to sticks and play on the snare.

How do I change this? If I change the sound in Noteperformer, I then have the whole arrangement playing with sticks. If I change to brushes, then of course I have the whole arrangement played on brushes.

Very frustrating and would welcome any kind of feedback.

Hi David,

Welcome to the forum.

I would make an extra drumplayer en divide the brushpart to one an the stickpart to the other.

That’s only for playback. Then for the reading part You add an third drummer were You copy the part for reading and set the audio on silence.

Most of the time I make for drums an track for playback with often terrible notation and an reading part with proper notation.

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Thank you Maarten! I’ll have a look into this. A good workaround I think!