Drum comping always activates wrong lanes

Hey everyone,

I just switched from Pro Tools to Cubase 10 Pro (latest version installed) and wanted to continue with the last project I started in Pro Tools. So I have a few raw drum recordings that I now want to edit. What I did was to export all the playlists from my tracks in PT and imported them in a new Cubase project, each playlist on one lane within the track. Then I created a Drum group, activated group editing and wanted to chose the best parts with the comp tool. So far so good - this worked with one of the three songs.

With the other two songs something weird is going on. If I choose lane 1 everything works fine and lane 1 gets active on every track of the group. When I chose any other lane within a track Cubase doesn’t necessarily activates the corresponding lane on every other track. So i.e. if I activate lane 2 on the Kick.In track it activates lane 3 on Snare Bottom and lane 4 on the floor tom. I made a video to show you the problem:


I would appreciate any idea about how to solve this problem…I’m pretty much stuck here.


Deactivate and activate again group editing. Take a look if you received an alert saying that tracks are no more in sync.
If so, you probably change anything before you activated the group.

“View Lanes” panels have to be activated and shown for all of the drum tracks.
If for example you have lanes view shown just for the kick track and you start comping, the rest of the tracks will not follow even if they are grouped together with the kick track, if they are not in “open” view.
This is really something that Steinberg has to change it.