Drum Compression Export

Hi, new to the forum, and sorry if this is a redundant inquiry but I am super annoyed.

I am using Cubase 5, and it seems whenever I try to export my mixdowns, the compression added to the drum tracks
is quite a bit more severe than when I’m listening to it will editing. I am exporting as a wave file, which retains the clarity of the original mix, except the minor percussion compression adjustments I make for some reason sound much more pronounced i.e. a steady kind of pulsing effect, which is super obvious and fake sounding.

How can I export a multitrack mix (drums/guitar/vocals) with compression and have it sound exactly like my project file?

Aloha R and welcome to the board. E’ Komo Mai’.

1-What gear/app/programme are you using to listen to the exported file?

2-Is it the same or a completely different audio system than the one running C5?

3-If you play the file on other stand-a-lone systems (car/home stereo/boombox etc)
does the prob still exist?