Drum dynamics

Does a drum roll (using tremolo) work with dynamic markings (e.g., p<f crescendo) as below. Doesn’t seem to do anything.

that’s because the Halion timp is set to respond to key velocity only. If you set it to respond to Modwheel (CC1) and change the Expression Map accordingly you should have some effect…

I’m talking about drum sets not timpani.

The drum set uses the General Midi percussion map. I’ve tried changing the expression map from default to the mod wheel expression map and cc11 expression map but neither of those seems to affect dynamics for the drum track.

Sorry! I tested your picture with timpani and forgot about the drum set… The drum set is a General Midi patch and as far as I know cannot be set to respond to any continous controller. Maybe you can convert your drumset to a custom kit in 1.2 using instruments that respond to CCs…

What I’m confused about is for unpitched percussion drum sets, there is both an expression map and a percussion map for the track. Does the track respond to both maps or just one of the two. If the latter, then I get why this doesn’t respond to hairpin dynamics. But if it responds to both then maybe there is a way to make this work.

I’d say they respond to both, but only the expression map should have an impact on dynamics. Having said that, exploring percussion fully is on my roadmap for tomorrow :wink: