Drum Editing the Overheads

I have a project I’m working on and the overheads tracks are not align. The left and right are off. So I used hitpoint detection on the left OH for my groove grid (this track is aligned with the rest of the kit) and then hitpoint the right OH and slice, but the transits do not align. The groove quantize is set for the new groove. What did I do wrong :question:
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Do you mean that the rest of the kit is not hitpointed, sliced and quantized? Then you should not use hitpoints and quantization on the OH.

If the OH indeed is from the same take, and your problem is that the transients don’t align with the rest of the kit then you need to move the INDIVIDUAL TRACKS in time with the OH track (one track at a time, the whole track in one go, not by using hitpoints), since the OH contains all the sounds of the different close miked tracks and sometimes two or more together on the same beat. If you do the opposite, say you align the OH with the kick drum then you still would not get, for example, the toms in phase because they were closer to the OH mikes when recording.
If you already knew this then I’m sorry to have taken you for a newbie :slight_smile:

Or have you already used quantization individually on your close miked tracks? Since you say you have created a groove map, I suspect you have not.
But if you have then I don’t think there’s any rescue, you’ll have to read up on the new folder group editing functions and multitrack quantization in the manual and then start all over.


Thanks for the feedback TO
I’m somewhat of a newbie :laughing:
A band asked if I can fix their mix. I received the tracks as is, not sure why just the right OH is off in some sections of the song and on in other sections, maybe from time warping or they chopped it up and bounce it down like that. Just need to fix the right OH. Left OH and the closed mic are prefect.
I was hoping I could use the transients to groove from the good left OH to fix just the right OH, but doesn’t work as I thought, the sliced track don’t align.
Looks like I’ll have to manually fix each part of the right OH that is off.

From what you’re saying it seems really odd that the righ overhead is varying in timing?
It also seems odd that the left O/H is in perfect alignment?

I’m not a big fan of time aligning all the drum mics to a reference time (kik?) the O/H mics are there to give realism to the kit and part of that is some distance, which will of course mean that the O/H mics will seem to be later than the spot mics. If the person that recorded the drums in the first place did their job right the mics should have been phased correctly when recorded.

From your description though it does seem like someone has screwed around with the mic timing, remember though that unless the O/H mics have been set up as an XY or close AB then the timing between the left and right O/H will look different.