Drum Editing Tips

Hi everybody, thanks in advance for reading this and for any tips you may have.

I am a long time Cubase user (almost 20 years) and recently upgraded from version 5 to 9.5 for the multitrack editing capabilities.

I am primarily a guitarist/synth geek/producer who has just recorded his first bunch of songs with a great drummer and 11 carefully placed pics :wink:

Drum editing, in particular, multitrack editing (when so many tracks are involved) is new to me. I am aware of checking for phase, and most other basic editing principles but I was hoping some of you fine Cubase users could shed some light on the editing process, specifically how to get the performances sounding tight but not over doing it.

I have about 4 takes per section (verse, chorus, bridge, etc) and my first step would be to comp the best takes together. From there I might switch out some hits that are either a little flat or weak with hits that sound full (i.e. a snare, kick, etc)…and then…drumroll…hehe…I would go about slip editing or quantizing the audio…

Both slip editing and audio quantizing are things I have never done. I think that audio warp is probably the last tool I would want as it would introduce artifacts…

Bascially, I would like to get the performances nice and tight with out sounding wonky or robotic…

Does my workflow of comping and then switching out weak hits for better ones, and then doing time based editing/quantizing sound like the right order?

Any suggestions on getting good results in Cubase? I have watched many youtube drum-edit tutorials but I was hoping real Cubase users could share some tips.

I am open for any and all suggestions!

Again, thanks for reading this.