drum editing

I’m having a problem with editing multitrack drums.

I have my drums in a group editing folder.

I created hit points on the kick, snare and high hat part but when I go in to the quantize panel only only the kick shows up as a priority for slicing.

If you can see the other tracks in the list (in the quantise window) but they are greyed out and have no stars showing, drag the ‘star’ area to the right to make the stars appear and set the priority of each.

Thanks very much!

I’m surprised at how well this function works. Also, what’s interesting is there are some cross fades in weird places but aside from some of the snare flams that get caught up in a cross fade, most of the ones in weird places don’t seem to make an audible difference.

Follow up question:

I’m in the quantize panel and no tracks are showing, nor the stars to the right… I’m in musical mode and my drums tracks are grouped. Hitpoint threshold is set for every track, but none are viewable in the Quantize panel. Any ideas?

Using v 7.5

Did you highlight the tracks?