Drum Editor/Click Track issue at bar 60

I’m programming drums with the Drumstick, but at bar 60 both the Drum Editor and the Click Track sound changes.

Up to bar 60, there is a vertical line on every bar-with no quarter note designations, and the click track is a high pitch sound on every bar. At bar 60, the size of the bar changes to 4 times the bar size from 1-59, with a click sound on each 1/4 note, with a high pitched sound on 60, low pitch sounds on 60,2 and 60.3 and then a high pitch again on 61.

Have I done something to make the Drum Editor and the Click change? If so, I’d appreciate anybody’s insight on why this is happening. I’d like every bar to be uniform both in the Editor and on the Click Track.

Thanks in advance for your help.