Drum Editor Drumstick better snapping(?)


I don’t know if it’s intentional or a bug but when using the drumstick shortcut in the Drum Editor window (with main tool being Object Selection + Alt) the snapping indicates a line that’s not coherent of what I finally click and it’s really confusing, The “preview” is always snapping to the line before even if you are extremely close to the next like. Not even the drumstick itself snaps that way if you use the drumstick tool directly.
I could use the drumstick but the multiple notes selection is not there + to switch between Object Selection to Drumstick is “1” & “0”, really far to be convenient.

I don’t know if I’m ignoring some shortcut but I would recommend to improve the “snapping” to show the line where the note will actually land instead of the line before…

Thanks you!