Drum Editor (Fast select every other note)


Is there really no quick way to select every other note in drum editor?
Something like: “hold button + click and drag” or “highlight and scroll down a menu option” that allows you to do this?

The fastest way seems to be selecting all the notes, holding ctrl and manually unclicking each and every note.
I can’t be the only one who thinks this is a very basic need for producers in really strict tempo track based genres like hiphop or edm.

Ive got my row of HH notes on this hiphop track, and my mind is boggled that in 1 hour of net and manual searching there is no quick, efficient way to do this.
There are 70 Bars of HH notes at 107.5 BPM…thats a hell of a lot of clicks man!!!

Anyone know of an effective solution that doesn’t involve an overkill of mouse clicks?


Hold down Shift modifier and double-click to the 1st not you want to select. This, plus all following notes of the same Pitch become selected.

If you hand selected every other note (not suggesting you do) would they form a pattern within each measure?

For example if you had quarter notes on every beat in 4/4 then the notes you’d want to select would always fall on 1 & 3 while the unselected notes would be on 2 & 4.

If that’s the case then you can easily use the Logical Editor to only select the notes on 1 & 3 (or whatever your real pattern is).

Also assuming you want to select all those notes to manipulate them somehow, say increasing their velocity to accent them - then you could both select the notes and change their velocity all in the LE. I think one of the example presets does exactly this.

Maybe you can elaborate a bit on what you are trying to accomplish (include a screen grab if it will help clarify). Often in Cubase there are multiple ways to achieve the same results with different trade-offs depending on specifics.

I deal with this a lot. My solution is to create a 1 or 2 bar phrase and get all the accents the way I like them and copy/paste where needed.

Thanks for all replies :slight_smile:

vintagevibe → yep! pretty much exactly what ive gotten down to as well. it works well once you get in the flow of things.

I guess i was just scratching my head wondering why a simple ctrl-right click drop down menu, wouldn’t have a quick list like “select every 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 notes” etc, or something to that effect. …like some other daws …and im on c9 artist so logical editor is not an option.

cubase overall is amazing and very powerful but there are multiple instances when im doing something and my intuition takes me in search of a fast way to complete the task, and the “what-you-think-would-be-the-obvious” or 2nd obvious choice lead to dead ends and long menu searches, and suddenly I’m Ctrl-F’ing my way through the manual trying to find it…and it all adds up to flow kill + time waste.

Not complaining, just saying…i love me my cubasing, i work everyday, and i am not an advanced user, as i don’t need to be to get done what i need to and have it sound great… but almost every week i have these scratching my head moments thinking to myself “damn, that really should be easier, not only to do, but to figure out without being ground to a complete work stop”
Oh well can’t have it all :wink:

This is probably the best way if you don’t have Cubase Pro.

However, as motivation to upgrade, and reading that people are always looking for new logical presets to make life easier, JonoNotBono via Megagrid has uploaded lots of very useful logical presets especially for cinematic and drum patterns. For example if you want emphasis on a certain hi hat in different measures etc. Lots of other useful tools too.
Logical Edit.rar (109 KB)

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If you are composing the patterns (and not editing someone else’s work) then a workaround could be to copy/paste to the next articulation (i.e. if you know you want/need to select the evens or odds later). I do this in bfd sometimes.