Drum editor folding view

I was just inspired by the Superior drummer editor, which can fold articulations of a kit in the drum set as one folder. Here is how it looks:

As you can see that each articulation of each kit (kick, snare, h-hit…etc) can be folded, which makes things look clean, especially for me I always start with Kick/snare, then add other parts later, so I can fold other kit while i am focusing on Kick/Snare.

One way that Cubase can improve on this is to include custom color coding function, so I can color code each kit to a different color for even better visual classification. So Kick and all of its articulation is red, Snare is blue…

In Superior Drummer you can also highlight lower or higher velocities in the velocity lane and drag them lower or higher.

I’ve always used the Cubase Drum Editor cos I’m familiar with it. I never really looked at the Superior Drummer editor even though I use Superior a lot , didn’t know it could do things like this and now might start using it instead!

The Cubase Drum Editor is certainly due an overhaul, colour coding and a folding articulation view would be a great start.

This would be a great idea, fwiw the BFD3 drum editor works this way too, it’s just too small for my ooooooooold eyes these days, so i use the Cubase drum editor instead.