Drum Editor improvements

Two main things:

  1. The ability to hide individual notes/lanes. Ideally, not just in a map (ie. unmapped notes), but also in very complex kits, like Toontrack’s Superior Drummer kits, the ability to simply hide articulations or kit pieces you’re not using. Studio One does this nicely.
    1.1) alternatively, the ability to collapse articulations, like Superior Drummer 3’s internal grid editor.

  2. Ability to color code notes/lanes, eg. Green for snare articulations, purple for kick, blue for hi-hats, etc. Studio one also does this nicely.

Hello! I’m not sure which version of Cubase you are using, but if you are using Cubase Pro:

For case 1)


For case 2)


You probably want “Pitch” mode, so that each articulation (probably on a different key each) will get their own color.

You might need to right click on the toolbar menu and then select to show these toolbars if they’re not showing for you by default.

Edit: Shameless plug. Would you like to have rudiments in the drum editor?


I presume what the OP means is to be able to hide individually selected lanes, as the drum map from Superior Drummer is a big mess once translated into Cubase, with lots of repeats and unused lanes all over the place.
I have re-arranged them all and left all the extra fluff at the very bottom, but still it would be great to have a clean map.
Also I believe some of the options in the visibility agent work only with Groove Agent and maps created “from instrument”.

I’d like to add to the list the possibility to mute and solo selected lane(s). If that’s already possible, please tell me!

I’m not familiar with Superior Drummer, doesn’t it allow Cubase to make “drum maps from instrument”?

Not that I’m aware. Neither from Addictive Drums 2. I created the maps manually for both.