Drum editor - mute, I-note, O-note etc columns missing?

The only columns I see in my drum editor are Pitch, Instrument and Quantize. I do not see mute, I-note, O-note, etc. I wouldn’t have even know something was wrong until I looked at the manual and saw a picture of what the drum editor is suppose to look like.

Any idea why these are missing? According to the manual since I’m using the GE drum map it should show up. I’ve also tried some Superior drummer drum maps I’ve downloaded but they too do not show these columns.

Furthermore, if a drum map is selected (see “Selecting a drum map for a track” on page 520), the drum sound list has a Mute column. Click in the Mute column for a drum sound to mute that sound. Clicking the Solo Instrument button mutes all drum sounds other than the selected one.

! Please note that the mute state for drum sounds is part of the drum map. Therefore, any other tracks using the same map are also affected.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but have you tried dragging the vertical divider (between the drum instrument list and the main body of the window) to the right?

Yeah, first thing I tried. Probably should have stated that.

If it matters at all, I’m trying to use the drum editor off an imported SMF. So this track was not created in cubase. I’ll have to test if this matters at all.

How is it if you create a new MIDI track with the same drum map loaded into it (or indeed, a different drum map)?

yeah, ran this test (creating a new midi track and loading the GM drum map, as well as the others I’ve downloaded) and still no mute, I-note, etc. I even tried creating an empty cubase project, recording on a midi track, and then opening it in the drum editor and STILL do not see anything but pitch, instrument & quantize. Frustrating. I take it everything works fine for you?

edit: ok I appear to be an idiot. At the very bottom left of the editor there is a small line that says “names” and then right above that is Map. I’ve been loading the “names” only! :unamused: Now that I load the actual drum map everything works as expected. :mrgreen:

I’ve always loaded the Drum Map via the MIDI track’s Inspector, so I haven’t even had the opportunity of falling into that trap! :stuck_out_tongue:.

AHHH! Good Tip! :wink: