Drum editor - no drum names appear [fixed]


I’m pretty sure I must have messed up a setting somewhere, maybe someone can help me fix it. My drum editor doesn’t show any note/drum names on the left, it is just the grid. There should be a list of drum names down the left side but they are not there. See the pic. I can’t figure out how to get the names back. Thanks if anyone can help!

Pretty odd, could not reproduce the behavior. Try entering Cubase in safe mode.

Thanks for the suggestion…I did a safe start and sure enough the drum map looks normal. But I still have to figure out what is causing the problem, hopefully without deleting my preferences. If there are any other thoughts to share I’d appreciate it!

[EDIT] Hang on, I just re-started my project in regular mode and the drum map is back to normal. So starting an empty project in safe mode, and then re-opening my project fixed the problem. Thanks!

Hold on, the problem has returned. I did not change any settings in the drum editor. Has anyone seen this happening (no drum names in drum editor), or can anyone offer a suggestion? Thanks.

Just a quick update…I deleted my preferences completely and re-set them. The problem is gone.