Drum editor one-shot off


I am on Cubase 5.

I use the MIDI editor (not the drum editor, I made a mistake in the topic title sorry!) to create my drum loops. It works in one-shot mode. I mean, the drum sample is played entirely regardless the lenght of the MIDI note triggering it. I want that some longer sounds are not played entirely, shortening the lenght of the MIDI note.

I play my drum samples with a virtual drum machine, and I am sure I set it NOT to work in one-shot mode, so the problem is with Cubase.

Where can on/off the one shot mode in Cubase5?

I think that, on the contrary, the problem is at the Drum Machine end, not Cubase (which doesn’t even have a “one-shot on/off” function). Which virtual drum machine are you using?
(I don’t suppose you have any unwanted sustain pedal events also happening?)

You are very right, my question was stupid to begin with.

I obviously use the midi editor with many other vst and midi off obviusly works.

So its the problem with the drum machine (fxpansion DR-008). It has a button for one sample on/off, but looks like it does not work.