Drum editor quantize completely bizzarre


I have a song I am quantizing to 1/16 triplets. It shows as expected on the main screen and the Key Editor. But, when I use the Drum Editor, the quantizing is completely screwed up.

For example, in the Key Editor, per bar, it show 4 beats, with 6 divisions - how it should be. In Drum Editor mode, it shows 2 beats, with 5 division. Not even close.

Am I completely missing something here? I thought the Quantise & Grid setting were established on the main screen, but they don’t to carry over to the Drum Editor. NOTE - I’ve only ssen this happen with quirky time signature, never a basic 4/4 with 1/16 quantise.



Make sure the Drum Editor Ruler is set to Bars & Beats.

Maybe provide some screenshots?

Bars & Beats . . . . . How did I miss that?