Drum Editor question about rearranging the midi keys

Hi all,
Cubase Elements 10 is great thank you.
drum editor question about rearranging the notes.

I have a drum machine on one track, Midi Ch 11.
I use the kick midi note C1 and the hat midi note C3.
In the “Pitch / Instrument / Snap” area, i can click and drag C3 up, to move it next to C1 so i can see both. I can rename it “open hat”. This track is easy to see now.

Then, I go to another track, using a drum machine on Midi Ch 15.
I need to use C3 but now it is a bongo not a hat.
C3 has been moved up next to C1 and named “open hat”.

My question is, is my altered order of the notes in drum editor global? one note list arrangement for all tracks?

If one track needs C3 and C#3 together for a Bongo Low/Bongo Hi, but the other track has C3 in use with C1… I would like to see C3 moved on one tracks view, and not moved in the other tracks view.

Hope it makes sense what Im trying to do. Probably the right answer is have every sound on its own track but sometimes they are used in pairs.
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Make a Drum Maps for your patches and load relevant Drum Maps to your tracks.

Ahh… thank you much for the reply.

I will look into drum maps next.