Drum editor question Noob question.

I got a question about how you go about saving things in Groove agent/ Cubase.
I take a pattern and put it in hits own channel. Created the midi. Edited the part as i see fit.

Now, How do you save your new drum pattern in drum editor? I would like to keep this new pattern in a bank that i can reuse in other projects.

I looked at many videos but they always stop short at telling you how to save your new pattern as if they don’t want to tell that the process is non existent or tedious…


I figured a word around to this BS.

You edit the piece you want do all the changes and when done. Minimize Cubase and then drag that particular clip out side on your desktop. From there you can drag it to a place of choice, easy to find and voila, your drum track is saved and can be reloaded at a later date.


You can maybe drag an drop it even directly to MediaBay from the project.

No need to leave Cubase - Drag and drop directly to any folder of your choice using the Media Bay. Whilst you’re there, you can also give it some attributes to aid easy recognition, searching and retrieval.

i cannot drag and drop any clips into my file structure.

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