Drum Editor Question


Using Cubase Studio 5 - I am trying to enter drum notes into the drum editor by following a drum score sheet. The song is in 4/4 time, on a couple of bars the last beat needs to be divided into 6 equal divisions to add a ‘drum fill’ which includes snare, high tom and low tom.

So how do I divide the last beat into 6 divisions or the complete bar into 24 divisions I can’t find a suitable quantise value.


You need to alter the time signature at the point where you would like the change to occur.

Well, you wouldn’t actually be changing the time-signature in this instance (it’s still 4/4, but subdivided into 16th triplets).
So, just set the Quantize value to 16th triplets. Don’t forget, you have the option, in the Drum Editor’s extended toolbar, to choose whether to use a Global quantize value, or individual, per drum.

Yes, no need to change time sig. 16th triplets for the last beat of the bar should suffice.

Many thanks for your help gentlemen - easy when you know how :blush:

Yes, no need to change time sig. 16th triplets for the last beat of the bar should suffice

Can you change to 16th triplets for just one beat ??

No, but why would you need to? Just because Quantize (and its grid) is set to a particular value, doesn’t change the position of existing notes, unless you want it to. Simply select the notes for which you wish to apply the current Quantize setting.

Makes sense - thanks :slight_smile:

Put your time in 6/4

You can change the Quantize setting to 16th trips, enter the notes to that grid and then change back to 16ths.

I use this approach often.

well yes, you could insert a bar of 6/4 .

at 6 times the tempo of the preceding bar. Of course you would then have to change the time sig of the preceeding bar to 3/4, and then change both the sig back to 4/4 and the tempo back to the original for the following bar. :unamused:

Or you could quantise the fill in triplets. :smiley: