Drum editor questions

I working in the drum editor, but there are some quirky things that I can’t figure out.

If I have two parts, when I click inside each part, the sounds could be identical. appearing on the same pitch lanes. When closing the parts, they look different in the track page. They can be identical inside, sound exactly the same, but look different.

Also, why is it that the drum diamonds appear from top to bottom in the editor, but when the parts are closed they flip, bottom to top? Why cant the parts be representative (top to bottom) of what is really going on inside the part.

Any ideas ?


This is probably all because, in the Project window, The mini display of events inside MIDI Parts is “optimized”, according to the lowest and highest note contained in each individual Part, with the unfortunate result that what is in fact the same note in two different Parts can look different if those two Parts’ min/max ranges are different.
(I hate this :wink: )