Drum Editor screwed again?

To be honest I can’t be sure whether it’s BFD3 or Cubase, but everything was working fine before the 7.5.20 update. Trying to “write in” a percussion pattern - all goes well until I either try to delete a hit or move a hit by dragging - everything goes haywire. The whole of the rest of the drum pattern will shift a beat. I entered a hi hat pattern and reduced the velocity (with the pencil) of every other hit - which MUTED every other hit. When I selected and tried to delete the hi hat hits to try again the WHOLE PATTERN disappeared. “Undo” just took me back to the previous mess. If I “Undo” enough times I can get everything back on the grid as it was before I started editing but… it’s one of those “going round in circles” issues that is DRIVING ME NUTS!

Anyone else?

I remember the Drum Editor being screwed in a previous Cubase version - it was working fine until an update made it almost unusable and I had to wait for the next PAID upgrade to get back to proper functionality. PLEASE don’t do this again Mr Steinberg.

Windows 7 64 bit, Cubase 7.5.20, BFD3 latest version.

Change your quantize value and try again.

Tried that! It seems to be a sticky “select all” problem. Thanks for your input.

I think the implementation now (and likely in the past) is to better support Active Tempo Mapping, as previously edits after the point of playback, as well as before interrupted audio output.

I think you are trying to help but I have no idea what you’re telling me.

Drum maps are based on XML, which is a different method to the key or list editor and as such data is handled differently, which is why you must always switch the quantize value to get notes to snap.

sycophant - are you Brains - or Conman? :cry: