Drum Editor Select problem

Hi All

I’m sure I’m being an idiot but I can’t figure it. I have started using the Drum Editor (over the past year or so) have previously just used the piano roll (even used that in Logic). In the piano roll if I control click on a note in the keyboard on the left it selects ALL the hits in the track on that note, no problem! but how the heck do I do the same thing in the drum editor? I’ve setup a key command for “equal pitch ,same octave” but then I have to select a note and if there isn’t one in the bit I’m looking at…(happens when it’s scrolling) then I have to put one in. Is there answer to this, I think I’m being a twit (pregnant goldfish that is btw) but I can’t see it!

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Thats a good question, which i want the answer to know too.
I am rather afraid that there is no other easier way then this:

  • In Drum Editor:
  • Hold Shift and then double click-with the Object Select Tool on the first drum note on the track from which you want all drum notes to be selected.
  • All drum notes on that track (or drum lane if you want) are now selected.

Quite a bummer that Steini didn’t implement the (CTRL)-click on note name to select all notes on that lane for the Drum Editor.

Hope this helped !