drum editor - View only used drums?

I come from Logic, which has a “Collapse view option.” This makes it so the piano roll collapses to only view the notes you have in your parts. To me this never made sense in the key editor (though I can imagine rare instances where it could be useful) but it makes perfect sense for a drum editor!

So I’m wondering - does Cubase have a similar “Collapse view option” to only show the drums that actually have notes recorded on them? For example, not using the cowbell, Tamborine, vibraslap, bongos, etc - you dont see it in the drum editor. Or better yet, say your beat only has bass drum, snare, hat & cymbals - it would be great to only see these instead of all options.

Hopefully this makes sense.

That is a good day idea, sadly I don’t think Cubase has it.

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I don’t think there’s a “collapse” thing but Drum Maps are a way to have only what you need rather than the full list, not as good as the Logic way though(I used Logic on Windows till the takeover) and a bit long winded to set up if you do your own.

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Working a lot with the drum editor - sometimes 3 or more drum sets at a time and I love the drum editor.
Made some drum maps once but that’s really to complicate and take too long to have a result.

Therefore I fully support your request to have only the allocated instruments (notes) visible in the drum editor. :slight_smile:


Thanks guys! I’ve posted this as a feature request. If you want to see it, feel free to +1. :slight_smile: