drum editor

Hi :smiley:

Fairly new to Cubase,been looking around,but can’t see to find an answer to this

So I would like to use of my 3rd party drum libraries,within Kontakt. So I can to use the awesome Cubase drum editor,for trying out different note patterns etc. I tried the GM map, but with limited success
Had a look to see if my drum library had got any drum maps,I could not see any.

How do I go about using 3rd party drum libraries,via the Kontakt player within Cubase?


You should be able to drag a groove from Kontakt onto the Kontakt midi channel. I sometimes use Studio Drummer and you can drag a file from the current Groove window right next to the large kit name. If you want to directly use the drum library groove you will need to use the correct Library Drum Map. You don’t say what your libraries actually are.

Yeah sorry forgot that bit.My drum libraries are Heavyocity Damage,and Soundiron Apocalypse Elements :slight_smile:

You probably need to find out if you can drag a groove to the midi channel on the arrange page from either of your Kontakt libraries.

Thanks bud