Drum Editor

I use Cubase 7.5,and I am having some problems understanding Drum Editor,despite watching YouTube tutorials,and reading the manual,so I’ll try to give an example. I create a 4 bar drum pattern(diamond shapes) in Drum Editor.Once I finish,I close Drum Editor,and return to the event page.I will then copy (Control D) this pattern 3 times giving me a 16 bar drum pattern.At some point either after recording other midi (synth, or keys,but not drums sounds),or audio,I want return back to Drum Editor,to make more drum beats.When I open up the page(Drum Editor),the display(diamond shapes) of the events,the 16 bars, do not show up,what does show is the 4 bar pattern,usually somewhere in the middle of the 16 bar sequence.If I play the performance when in Drum Editor,there is a blank screen(no diamonds),but you hear the performance.If I want to make changes,or delete all or some of what I’ve done this makes things difficult.Is there anyone who can explain Drum Editor,so that I will understand.I am relatively new to Cubase. Thank you for your assistance in advance.

How do I

I am (purely) guessing that you still have just one of those Drum Parts selected (highighted), and that it is out of visible range in the Editor. Either select them all, or de-select that one (so that the Drum Editor will then show the entire track)

Never done it myself but I think your problem is the copy’s on the event page?? Why not just make your copy’s in the drum editor so you have just one event? Then again I could be completely misunderstanding you.

Or just use the glue tool ?