Drum Editor

  1. How would I set up Cubase to make my own drum track (not loops). I just started using Cubase a week ago.
  2. When Drum Editor is set up how do I open the drum set to show the picture and edit the drum sounds.
    Cubase has great sounding drums sets.
    Im trying to get away from Linux (The Crap that crashes every time I move the mouse!).
    First time poster and im sure I will have Guitar Amp questions as soon as I can make my own drum track.

Hi and welcome,

Sorry, I’m not sure, I understand your question 100%.

The Editor doesn’t make any sound. You can edit the sound in the Drum Editor (if you don’t mean to edit it via MIDI Controllers). The sound comes from an instrument (probably Groove Agent SE?). Edit the sound in the Instrument, please.

How would i get the photo of the drum set to show up instead of a wav form.
Also what happen to acoustic agent drum sets.

I been playing around with groove agent and I did find out how to make my own drum track in stead of built in loops.

Sounds like you are looking for a drum vst program. But even then I am not sure you would benefit the way you are asking.

Even with the visual aspect of a vst drum software, you can’t really program drums by clicking on a visual representation of a drum kit. Well, maybe, but it wouldn’t be efficient…

I also am not sure what it is you are asking.

You might start out using some of the General MIDI kits that come with the Halion SE plugin. From here, you can easily and quickly ‘through compose’ MIDI drum tracks, using any of the MIDI editors you like (Key, Diamond Drum, Score, List, etc.).

You can also use Groove Agent (GA) factory presets, or build your own GA drum kits. Cubase comes with an SE version, as well as an older Groove Agent 1 (look in your installation media for the ‘extras’ directory if you want or need GA 1).

You can start right away using Halion and GA kits that have already been built for you. Simply call up kit ‘presets’.

It will take some practice, but you can also make your own ‘custom’ kits in GA, by dragging and dropping drum samples, or even longer ‘drum loops’ onto GA pads where they can be triggered via MIDI track. You can drag samples onto pads from the Cubase media browser, from the GA media browser, or from the OS file-system windows.

Once you’ve a ‘kit’ built, create a MIDI track, and direct it to use GA (or Halion if you are using a drum kit from that plugin). You can edit MIDI events on this track using any of the MIDI editors you like, including the Diamond Drum Editor.

Some of the kits in GA can auto configure the Cubase ‘Diamond Drum MIDI Event Editor’ (import all the kit piece names and list them along the left side), while your homemade kits might require that you change your individual kit piece names by hand (type them in). Even if you do not ‘name’ all the kit pieces in the Diamond Editor, the MIDI notes are universal. I.E. The C4 note is going to trigger the drum kit piece that sounds via C4 MIDI note event (In the case of GA, C4 will always trigger the C4 drum pad…doesn’t matter what it is ‘named’ in the Diamond Editor).

Note, that GA has a variety of ‘modes’ that you can set it up to use. It can use built in ‘patterns or grooves’, where ‘holding down a pad/key’ causes the groove to ‘repeat’ indefinitely. It can also be set up so that ‘tapping’ a key starts a repeating loop until the groove engine is ‘stopped’ or another key is pressed to ‘change groove’. Also, you can totally ignore the ‘patterns and grooves’ and simply play each kit piece from a MIDI track in a ‘through composed’ manner.

To get a ‘grip’ on the many ways one can set up and use an MPC style drum plugin, you’ll simply need to read the manual, explore the plugin, and perhaps search for some tutorials and videos on the internet.

From there, come back to the forums with any ‘specific’ questions you might have…

Good luck, and happy sequencing…

Thanks for all the info.
Im still playing around with it and getting more familiar with Cubase. I been out of the Studio business for 15 years and just getting back into it.
I did make a sample drum track but when I exported it as wav the volume was going up up and down in the wav play back using VLC and Media Player