Drum Group Mute not automating properly

I have several drum tracks going into several groups and then into a master drum group. If I mute that master group ALL the drums mute as expected but when I automate the mute, the master group mutes but none of the tracks or subgroups mute. I’m sure this used to work properly (and DOES work properly when not automated). I know there’s a workaround by linking all channels in the mix console but that is a a pain. Am I missing something or is this a bug?


I can reproduce it here. But at the other hand, it’s not a new one. The same behaviour is in Cubase 9.0.40, Cubase 8.5, even Cubase 7.5.

Thanks for confirming. Don’t you think it’s weird that mute works as it should when not automated though? Seems like a bug or a very STRANGE implementation of automation…

Yes, I think so.

Anyone else?

Sorry, what are you asking for right now?

It’s a general issue/bug reproducible at any system.

OK, sorry I didn’t realize it’s a confirmed bug. Thanks…