Drum inputting - crashes

Hi Daniel,
I’m doing my first attempt att imputing drums with no success.
The file is a set of exercises that I’m working with. They all have a regular jazz cymbal and then permutations between bass drum and snare in groupings of four, five and seven in different flows. I have imported it from Sibelius. I had completed notations for four and five before exporting and now I wanted to continue in the flow with seven groupings. When I try to write the bass and snare drums it crashed a couple of times. In my last attempt I heard the sound that I was putting in and the caret moved but nothing showed. Anyway I kept inputting notes but after a few bars D crashed. Below you see what apple thought about it.

I did not study the manual very closely but tried to follow the input advice as this was my first attempt with percussion
Here is the D file, I sent that and the crash report in a mail as well

Bengt Berger
The Gothenburg Triplets.dorico.zip (530 KB)

Hi Bengt,

I just opened your file in Dorico and tried to input some kick-snare-tom-tom4 bars after yours, and don’t have any problem with it. Do you use a MIDI instrument to input? I did with my laptop keyboard and the y letter… Maybe you have one of the different MIDI problems some people here have been talking about (too much information sent by some instruments, I think) ?

Thank you Marc,
Can you please try to input in the second bar of the third flow named seven? I hear the bass drum and snare that I input but they are not to be seen. After saving and opening again I can hear but not see them. Strange.

Dear Bengt,

In Setup mode, click on the P1 chevron and edit Percussion kit. Click on the Kick Drum (Very Low) 2 and then Edit Noteheads… I don’t know if it is the default setting, but on the Notehead override array, click on the (None) and input Default noteheads or whatever you want, and the notes will show. Do the same with snare and that’s it. Forgive me not to give you more details, I don’t know much about unpitched percussion in Dorico :wink:

Ah, that’s it! Thanks a lot Marc. I obviously had not prepared for what I was about to do.
Bengt B
PS I will not enquire further into why it crashed earlier. DS