Drum kit in HS playback being funky.

Hi all.

This is a problem I’ve had once before using Halion Sonic for drums and haven’t had to deal with for a while, but it just resurfaced. I’m trying to input 2 bars of drum notation as reference in a drum kit part for style and when I input the notes, the actual played back sound isn’t what I was inputting. For example, I input a snare drum hit (what would be C in the staff) and what sounds is a police whistle? It’s really and very frustrating, since I can’t actually listen back to what I’m writing down I just have to hope it’ll work when I show it to my drummer. Is there any workaround to this or any way to get the actual notes to send the correct midi information? I haven’t found a way to actually edit that

Try resetting the HALion playback template. Setting the Playback Template to Silence and then back to HALion should reload the instruments in the kit. (You are using a kit, I suppose.)

(I always try something like this on a copy of the file just to be safe.)

I’m using the GM Jazz Kit and I just tried this. Set it to silence, restarted the program, then reset the playback template. Didn’t fix it :cry: I’ve tried changing the kits and everything, may just delete and reload the plugin itself and try again

It could be the way that you’re inputting the notes, somehow: try positioning the caret at the position on the staff that corresponds to the sound you want to hear, and type Y to input a default pitch, rather than typing e.g. C or playing a note on your MIDI keyboard. See if that produces the appropriate sound.

Sorry for the delayed response, I’ve been busy with various other things for uni and general work so I haven’t had a chance to check up on this problem until now.

That still didn’t work… Do you think putting together a drum kit that isn’t just the standard drum set would work and could possibly fix this issue?

Creating a whole new drum kit isn’t going to help, I’m fairly sure. Can you attach a project in which you’re having this problem so we can take a look?

My apologies, I made a completely new session and it fixed the problem temporarily. I had another issue where the trombone playback was for some reason adding an extra note 3-4 octaves down and reloading Halion fixed that problem, but it caused the drum set to go all wonky again. While looking up how to attach a file to this post I was actually able to figure out how to fix the problem.

Resetting the playback template fixed all the issues I had with the drum kit. I was able to fix the problem with the trombone playback (which I’ve gotten with upright bass as well) by just moving which slot in Halion the instrument was loaded into. I’m not entirely sure how apparent of a bug this is but it’s happened to me multiple times on sessions and I haven’t seen anyone else post about it so it could be just me, but it’s something to keep an eye out for now.

If you’re hearing a note three octaves down, that’s a keyswitch that’s not being correctly interpreted. Just search the forum for “keyswitch” or “drone”.