Drum kit slashes bug

I noticed that when I open Dorico, create a new project, edit the Drum Kit by adding the slashes, the drum slashes do not appear in the grid. It happens every time I open Dorico and create a new project with just a drummer.
The slashes appears in the drum pad, but if they are inserted the grid marks them as Kick or Floor tom as per image attached.
If I add a player, not a drummer, and then switch the grid pull down menu and go back to show the Drum Set then the slashes lanes appear as they should.
I run a maOS Monterey 12.6 and Dorico Version Dec 6 2022.
A very minor bug, just curious if it is only on my end or if it happens to others.
Thank you.

I may be misunderstanding you, but slashes don’t appear when the percussion kit is shown in either the grid or individual instrument presentation types; slashes only appear when the kit is shown as a five-line staff.

My bad. I forgot to attach the picture. It is as if the list of kits (Crash cymbal, hi-hat…) in the grid does not update. I need to create a new player and change temporarily the instrument. If I do that then the slashes lanes appear, and if I start a new project, without closing Dorico, they remain visible.

Thanks for clarifying. I can reproduce this issue, or something similar to it. The issue is that when instruments are added to the kit, the percussion editor in the Key Editor isn’t immediately updated. We’ll take a look at this when we can. For the time being, saving, closing and reopening the project should be an easy enough workaround.

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