Drum loop question

Hello all. I run Cubase Elements and have a question re drum loops. I’m currently learning the programme and am subsequently playing around with different things. I’ve imported a 2-bar drum loop into a project I’m currently working on and have clicked on ‘Musical Mode’ to make it fit the project tempo! Here is my question: I would like the drum loop to play at half time (thereby becoming a slower 4-bar loop as opposed to 2-bars). Is this possible or am I being unreasonable and asking the impossible?

I don’t know if it’s possible in Elements, but you can try clicking on the “pointer” tool in the toolbar, which should give you a dropdown menu. Select “sizing applies time stretch” and then drag the edge of your audio event out to whatever length you need.

There’s probably a quicker, smarter way to do this, but that’s what I do…

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Thank you. That worked like a dream.