Drum Loop -> Slices -> into Groove Agent SE (does not work for me, see video)?!

I did exactly what he did, but for me I only have one sample on that one free button in GA SE and the other pads/buttons dont work, which even makes sense for me, since I only dragged and dropped to one pad?
What did I do wrong?
thanks, matt
(cubase 12, windows 10)

Hi @mazemania


  • was the event properly split or is it still one contiguous event?
  • When you drag the file over the GA pad, does it show the three rectangles as in this picture?
    A pad has different vertical zones. You need to drop it at the bottom of the pad for the to spread out:

Drag several samples to the lowest drop icon to assign them to several consecutive pads in one or in several groups.

Well it looks like it wasnt split completey, but what else to do than doing it in the video with “create slices”?

For further assistance it would be helpful if you’d share a video showing your whole process step by step.

By the way, you could also slice the sample within Groove Agent itself:

Never done it like the video but use GA every single day as it replaced my MPC heh. On its own, dragging a file into GA won’t slice it, you have to do it yourself in the Slice window. Never did it the way Dom does it, as I drop my loops directly in, but sounds like you didn’t slice it up.

If you want it pre sliced when you create a GA preset, you can make a Sampler Track with your sample, chop the sample up there, and when you ‘send’ it to Groove Agent its sliced up.

But, doing it that way will actually slice up your audio file. Each pad will be its own WAV file. If you slice it in Groove Agent instead, it keeps the whole file intact and just slices it with markers.