Drum Loops Don't play in media bay

Drum Loops Don’t Play in Media Bay
How do I audition media before placing?

I’m following Dom’s video, “Getting Started with Cubasis | This Is What You Can Do with Cubasis”. Directions: Press the media button top left. Select Audio, bottom left. Select Drum Loops. Select a drum loop. Press the little play icon to the left of the loop.

3. Expected Results
I expected to hear the sample play before I double click or drag and drop.

4. Actual Results
Instead, I get the popup in the image below. The sample file is there, because when I double click it, it inserts at the play head. And it plays fine.
This is what I see:

Do I have a wrong setting? What’s the fix?

5. Environment

  • Ipad Pro 12.9 6th Gen
  • iPad OS 17.1.2
  • Cubasis 3
    Available Storage: 453.83GB

Hi there,
Try this :slightly_smiling_face:

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Any idea why the red x with the loop name shows up when you drag and drop?

Hi LaughterOnWater,
That red x appears on everything you drag on to an Audio or Midi track from the Media Bay, and as far as I can remember- it has always been this way.
I have read these post’s almost every day for the past three years and I think you are the first to mention that red x

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The use of a red x suggests something is being done wrong, or worse, that access to the asset does not exist. The user interface for this is confusing and unfortunate. Thanks for explaining.

Hi @LaughterOnWater

You may check out our “Getting started with Cubasis” tutorial, to get familiar with with Cubasis more quickly?

Hope that helps!


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LOL! @LSlowak, In the description in my original post, I say I’ve been following Dom’s same video. I guess great minds think alike, eh?