I predominantly record rock with real drums or I use Addictive Drums. However I have recently started writing and producing some pop / dance music. Can anyone recommend a good drum library for pop dance music that includes drum hits as well as loops. I have seen a few different loop libraries but I want to have loops that i can tweak as far as adding or removing a kick drum etc…Most of the loop libraries i found the loops are WAV files which as far as I know I cant manipulate to alter the beats the way i want.

I know Groove Agent has some decent sounding kits and i do use Beat designer but since I am new to this style of music I was hoping to get the comlpeted beat on a loop and work from there (similar to how I use Addicitive drums for those familiar with that product).

Any thoughts are appreciated.

Mike Pelle

IM not sure exactly what your after. Or rather im not sure that what your after exists.

Loopmaster have a large selection of high quality drum loops, some of which are kick free. most packs include hits aswell. If you have a sample editor such as Kontakt you could probably get the closest results to what your looking for using loops like these and adding in your own kicks. You can edit beats (In WAV format) n things in Kontakt too.

If your after software I can recommend BFD2 in which you can manipulate loops like addictive drums. Though this is mainly acoustic drums. Im sure you could get a pretty dancy kinda sound out of it but its not aimed exactly at that market or anything.

Id also point you toward looking at Battery by Native Instruments. this is great for that dance kinda drum machine feel though it doesn’t come with ready to go loops for you to manipulate or anything like that. IE- your gonna have to make your own but this software is very good for this.

Thanks for the responses…I dont have Kontakt. Maybe I will look into that. I do like VSTi but I feel Groove Agent is great but I need to work the drum pattern entirely from scratch. I wanted to find loop that when i load up in say a MIDI editor and make changes if need be but at least the overral pattern will still be there to start with.

Thanks again
Mike Pelle

If you’re not sure what you want, you could do worse than try BFD ECO. It’s downloadable, very reasonable price (£69 in the UK), and (I think - you might want to check this) you can add to its sound library by buying the expansions that are available to the full priced BFD2.