Drum Loops


I’ve just bought a Steingberg Audio Interface and installed Elements AI.
First things I’ve seen that Amp Rack is not available for AI, is it possible to buy it? Probably i can manage guitar effects by using native AmpSimulator, I’m trying but I’m not so happy with the results , I cannot get I great distorted sound, do you know where to find a guide/video, on youtube there is a lot with AmpRack.

Second, using groove agent I cannot load some loops like rock, pop, songwriter loops , are they not included with AI, I have to buy licenses? …

I’m trying to find a decent drum loop for the song I want to do, something really simple but I’s pretty hard to manage in cubase.


Yes, you got some of the basic features.

On Steinberg Download Assistant you can find the products you currently own and the ones you can upgrade or purchace.

Close Cubase and start the Steinberg Download Assistant.
On the left hand side open the section “My Product Downloads”. Then look for sound content on the right hand side. It needs to be installed additionally to the application itself.

This is Cubase Pro so naturally the list of installable items is longer than for Cubase AI.

This is what I’ve installed

Probably what i looking for is in Content Groove Agent 5 that I’m going to download tonight, I did not before because is to large.

I think you are on the right track.