Drum Map becomes default for other channels using duplicate

Video says a thousand words

Having to manually change everything to NO DRUM MAP every time I duplicate a section is not part of my daily routine!! Hope it gets fixed soon… otherwise, love you bye :smiley:

posted this in bugs, why moved to miscellaneous?

The Problem also exists in Cubase 8. The Problem is: As soon as you have the Drum Editor open and copy Several midi parts across different tracks than all tracks are switch to the drum map the drum editor uses. Took me a long time to figure this out.
Could you please try to close the drum editor first and than copy the midiparts? Does it work then?
I reported this bug also in Cubase 8 forum with step by step reproduction but it got no attention

Yeah I had it in 8 but it went away in 8.5

problem is now I’m trying to use the new lower zone and if the drum map is open by default it happens. I’ll have to really concentrate or it’s a 2 minute job to put it all back every time

Is there a solution for this? I am having this problem in C9.0.30 but have not experienced it in any prior versions. Its a show stopper for me.