Drum Map, can you alter velocity as well as I/O notes?

I have a sound module with drum sounds and with a plugin I did it at the audio level, but to do that now means I’d need to use other midi channels.

Is there a way to “modify” the output velocity so all notes can stay for example at 100, and say take off 30 from open hi-hat?

Serious question BTW, so no mugs please.

Shift double click on required note (or use another way of selecting all the notes for that sound) then double click on the velocity in the info line and type in new velocity.

Hi Split,

What I’m trying to do is keep all notes at the same velocity and use some kind of method to transform particular “lanes” before they go outside the computer.

As I say, I’ve been doing this in the plugin using various VST Channels but now I need to do it as midi without editing data in order so I can switch between plugin and hardware at any time.

I’ve looked at input transformer several times but it seems to be nothing of what I’m needing.

Sorry for not making it clear since I’ve feared this day would eventually come.

Use the (Midi) Transformer plugin not the input transformer, you should be able to set up the right conditions to modify the velocity of the note (number) you want.