Drum Map Confusion

I transferred the information from my SPD-30 to a new drum map. Upon completion, I recorded just a bit of playing. When reviewing the recorded MIDI data, none of the notes recorded corresponded with what I entered from the SPD-30. I’m completely confused as to what happened.

Here are screenshots of the SPD-30, the Drum Map. and the Drum Editor. The SPD-30 currently has highlighted the information that should correspond to the Kick. I should be seeing C2 whenever the kick is being played (FYI, a 2nd instrument (MIDI note 35, B1) is included on that pad but never triggered due to settings that you can’t currently see).

The only thing I can think of is that MIDI note 36 is not actually C2, but C1?? I can’t see anything in the SPD-30 that would indicate that it’s sending out a different note. And the Drum Map has C2 across the board, so why is the kick showing up as C1?


Drum Map

Drum Editor

So for now, I’ve seen on the Internet two charts for MIDI notes, numerical to “piano”. Some charts show MIDI note 36 is C1, and others show that MIDI note 36 is C2. Still working on this. Very pleased that Roland has live chat support. Joel was very helpful today. I’ll update this post once I figure out what’s going on.

There are 2 different conventions in wide use for naming notes. In one C4 is middle-C, in the other C3 is middle-C. In both cases middle-C is MIDI note number 60. Cubase uses C3 for middle-C. Other hardware & software may use one convention or the other. The key thing is to make sure you are referring to the correct MIDI note number independent of the naming scheme being used.