Drum Map editor


Highlighting multiple lanes and switching the MIDI channel for them no worky!
I have to select and change every single one.

Muy estúpido!

Copy and paste lanes? Nope. The basics of computer editing dating back to 60’s still not present in your DAW’s editors.

“The act of copying/transferring text from one part of a computer-based document (“buffer”) to a different location within the same or different computer-based document was a part of the earliest on-line computer editors. As soon as computer data entry moved from punch-cards to online files (in the mid/late 1960s) there were “commands” for accomplishing this operation. This mechanism was often used to transfer frequently-used commands or text snippets from additional buffers into the document, as was the case with the QED text editor.[2]”

Can I delete lanes with no assignment?

You will have to see those unused lanes every time you open a new MIDI part.

Why are the maps restricted to 128 sound slots?
There are settings for using MIDI channels 1-16 and each channel would have it’s own 128 note #s,

Each map should be able to assign 2048 sounds.

How will Steinberg be ready for MIDI 2.0 if it can’t even comprehensively deal with a 40 year old protocol?

  1. Drum Midi Channel = 10 (therefore each drum map only 128 sounds)
  2. Record ALL drum parts on one track (channel 10) then use (drop down menu) "MIDI > “dissolve part”… and that will miraculously separate and create individual tracks for each drum! (All on channel 10 BTW.

I use drum maps all the time, there’s some great functionality there but &%$£~ they are clunky as hell and are seriously over due for an update.

For anyone using something such as BFD/SD etc, they will often use more than just the kick/snare/hat combo many electronic music composers use, a snare may have different ‘articulations’ such as ‘hit, rim, half rim. hoop, drag’ etc, so the drum editor is pretty much essential, trying to edit a complex drum pattern in the piano key editor is a nightmare in this scenario, hence the need for the drum editor/mapping.

I get midi recorded from an e-drum kits from time to time, i’ve been using drum maps since i’ve been using cubase, but it will still take far too long to create a map for a new kit as they don’t all use the same mapping, some will use cc’s for the hi hat but some will use note numbers for instance.

VV makes some excellent points, particularly only being able to select one row at a time, it’s all a bit 1995 in comparison to the rest of cubase and SERIOUSLY could do with an update!!